Attend casting to model for 5th anniversary on July 1st – NSFDW 2017


Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week (NSFDW) 2017 organizers call for models for this year edition of the anticipated event.
The annual fashion week (NSFDW 2017) which offers a platform for fresh and up-and-coming creatives in the industry to showcase to a target audience is back with the 5th edition. Continue reading “Attend casting to model for 5th anniversary on July 1st – NSFDW 2017”

What Does it Take to be a Model?

One of the most common answers to that question is usually: “You have to be really beautiful and really tall.” Eh, not really the truest answer but the physical aspect does account for a lot in the modeling world. But there are many other factors and traits that you must have in order to not only be a model, but to be a good model. Continue reading “What Does it Take to be a Model?”

Dos & Don’ts of Modeling Snapshots -Female Models

As you’ve probably already gained from my blog, the role of snapshots is hugely crucial to new models hoping to get into the industry–namely, those with goals of snagging an agent.

Learning how to put together quality modeling snapshots is a great way to make a strong first impression and improve the chances of getting invited to an agency interview.

Below are some easy dos and don’ts for aspiring female models when it comes to putting their snapshots together (male models, don’t worry–I haven’t forgotten about you! The next blog post after this one will be filled with snapshot tips just for you). 🙂

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