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Frequently Asked Questions - Get Noticed!

Frequently Asked Questions is the answer to furthering your current or aspiring career in the entertainment and modeling industries. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we provide an unparalleled database of talent to our wide network of industry decision makers who are constantly looking for talent to work in their television, film, stage, fashion show and other productions. Become a member of to benefit from increased work, increased exposure, and possibly the "big break" you have been looking for. Following are some helpful questions and answers about, our offerings, and how to best utilize our services. Of course, if you have any question that is not answered here, please Contact email

Why would a Talent Agent or Casting Director use this service?
As we become a paperless society, more and more business is being done via the Internet. Our service allows a talent agent or Casting Director to look for talent and crew at his/her leisure - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We eliminate the difficulty of doing it the old-fashioned way with manual files. Our online service is a huge time saver for casting personnel. The talent search engine allows Agents and Casting Directors to find the specific type of person that is needed for a particular job, with minimal effort. In addition, a Casting Director/Talent Agent can post a casting notice to find specific talent or crew instantly. Best of all, our service is free to Casting Directors and Agents. So they save the time of looking through countless paper files - and time is money - so it is a no-brainer for them.

I am a Mother Agent and would like to promote my models through, How can I do that?
At we LOVE mother agents and independent scouts, because that's what we are! We understand how hard you work and how important it is for you to promote your models.
Rather than having the expense of building and maintaining your own website, we welcome you to use ours.

Simply create an account as an Agent/Scout on our Sign Up page.
Once your account is created you will be able to upload photos of your models into our database.
You can also add your company logo and contact information to each of your models' portfolio pages; that way interested agents and clients can contact you directly.
If an international agency or client signs your model, you keep 100% of your commission. does not take a percentage of any agency or booking commission you may receive.
If you require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office so we may assist you.

Do you sell acting classes or photos?
No, our sole purpose is to give you the exposure you need to be discovered and get work in the entertainment and modeling industries.

Do I need to have a Modeling experience to create and account?
No, you do not have to have modeling experience to create your account with

How many Casting Directors use your site?
Countless! Casting Directors and Agents worldwide have free 24-hour access to our talent database.

Is an Agency, Management Company, Casting Company, or Production Company?

No, at we offer a database/search engine used by Casting Directors, Agents, Fashion Show Coordinators and Production Companies to find the talent they are looking for. We pride ourselves on offering both freelance and represented performers an excellent chance of being seen and discovered by the Entertainment Modeling and fashion industries.

How long will it take to register?
Registration takes just a few minutes. If you are a model, actor, clothing designer, photographer or stylist, please makes sure that your photographs are ready for uploading.
Step 1: Click "Register" and fill out all fields with your correct info.
Step 2: After submitting the registration form our system will send you e-mail with a confirmation code. If your e-mail address is not valid, you will not be able to finish a registration process.
Step 3: Open received e-mail and follow given instructions.
Step 4: After successful e-mail confirmation please Login to and upload photographs.

Is my information secure with

Absolutely, as part of our privacy policy, your personal information, including your last name, address, phone number, and e-mail address will never be given out to anyone. For any sensitive information that is transmitted to and from our site we use 128-bit encryption - the industry standard for keeping personal information such as credit card numbers and other information safe and secure, and the same level of encryption that is used anytime you make a credit card transaction.

Why is there a fee to join?. I was told never to pay an Agency is a model scouting company, we are not an agency. provides a service, in which, you will receive incredible exposure to the industry's most reputable modeling agents and scouts.
Not everyone is able to do the time consuming work of promoting themselves to international modeling agencies. That's where comes in! If you want professional results, you need to hire the professionals!
Our nominal fee structure (Membership Subscription fee) helps cover the costs incurred to operate our website, such as, web programmers, office staff, hosting, Internet, advertising, etc. This fee is much less than you would pay for making copies of all your photos, and mailing them to all of the agencies who visit our website each day, and is much less than many portfolio hosting sites that charge higher per year.

Do I need a credit card to enroll?
Once again: Standard membership is Free!
If you wish to upgrade to a special 6month or 1 year membership, you can pay by Credit Card, Check, Money Order, Bank transfer, or Western Union.
What is included in the Standard membership?
1. Just 1photographs in your profile;
Also you can:
a) View other members profiles;
b) View other member galleries;
c) View other members blog
d) Rate photos/vote photos or model of the month (MOTM);
f) Use forum
g) chat with other users online

What is included in the Premier membership?
All of the Standard Benefits Plus:
a) More than 200 photographs in your gallery;
b). 10 video clip;
c). Send and Receive messages
d). Fan Club
e). Your blog
f). Chat with other users online
It is a best value in the world!

How old do I have to be to join
It does not matter how old you are. We have people on of all ages, starting from as young as a few months old right through to preschoolers, teenagers, adults, and grandparents. The entertainment and modeling industries calls for all types of people and all different aged characters - from children to adults. If you are under 18 years of age, make sure you have your parents permission to join

Why should I use the Internet to promote myself instead of simply using traditional headshots? offers goes far beyond the scope of headshots. Since your profile is on the Web, your headshots, resume, talents, and even audio/video clips can be sent to anyone instantaneously - just by providing them with your unique Web address. Each profile and resume lets them display their own personal info in an up-to-date, consistent, professional manner to casting directors. Getting your own Web page/profile is just the start, however. By joining and creating your profile, you automatically become a part of our extensive talent database, which allows Casting Directors and Agents to find you when they are looking for talent that meets the specific criteria you select. What that boils down to is a targeted search that returns fewer, but more qualified leads. Instead of paging through hundreds of files and headshots, Casting Directors and Agents can narrow their search using the power of our tool - saving them precious time. That is why you need to get yourself out there where you can be found - for jobs that are appropriate to your talents and experience level.

What can I have on my profile page?
Each Standard members profile page can have up to 2 photographs and allows you to list a wide variety of personal attributes and special skills as well as your entertainment or model resume. This information is vital for helping Casting Directors and Agents to narrow down their searches to find the talent that is most appropriate for their needs. Optionally, all members can include video clips showcasing their talents and abilities.

Do I have to post my picture and resume if I become a member?
The option is yours, but it is critically important. When Casting Directors or talent agents search our talent database, they will not find you if you do not have at least one picture uploaded.

How do I get my pictures onto the computer to upload to the site?
You may upload pictures that are up to 300 KB. The ideal picture size/dimensions is 460 x 575 pixels. You can use any picture or photo editor like Photoshop to change size and adjust your pictures. Save them as JPEG files (.jpg). Photos should be about 72 dpi (on-screen resolution). If you do not have a photo-editing program, you can find and download some good free program.
Once you have pictures on your computer or on a disk/CD, simply log onto your account and select the link "Photo Management". You will be able to browse to the location where your photos are (whether it be somewhere on your hard drive, the CD drive, flash drive, or wherever) and will be able to select them one at a time. When you are done adding photos, go to your profile page to make sure everything looks how you wanted it. Remember you can always add/remove/replace photos - so if something is not just right, do not panic. Simply log into your account and remove the picture that you do not want up there. You can then add that or another picture back when you are ready.

How do I go about taking & selecting photographs for my profile page?
The first step you need to take is to make sure you have all of the photographs that you need. We highly recommend using a professional photographer for these photos if you are serious about furthering your career. Headshots are the first and often only impression many Casting Directors and talent scouts will get of you - it is imperative that they get a good impression from your photos.
If you are not ready to get professional photographs yet, you can use personal photographs (you can always replace them later). If this is the case, take care to select a few very good pictures. If you are going to take some new photographs personally, we recommend looking for a student of photography or a friend who is into photography. Anything that can improve the quality of your photos will help you in the long run. We recommend that you look in acting and/or fashion magazines to get some ideas on poses, settings, and other elements that you could use in your photos. Take a variety of pictures from different angles and distances, in different outfits with different makeup and hairstyles. It is important to present as many "looks" as possible, because you never know what specific look a Casting Director or agent may have in mind. Of course, make sure to utilize the photographs to show off your talents. If you are a model, you will want shots highlighting your beauty and your strong points. If you are a serious actor, you will want shots that demonstrate your ability to portray emotion and depth.
Submit at least one clear headshot and one body shot.
Please be sure that your photos are no larger than 460 x 575 pixels and not more 100KB.
Submit clear photos that are in focus.
Do not submit photos with anyone else in the photo but you.
Do not wear hats, gloves, long gowns, sunglasses or prescription glasses.
Do not submit grad, prom or wedding photos.
Do not submit nudes!!!
Do not submit photos that are "suggestive" in nature. There is a difference between being sexy and being trashy. Sexy is good, trashy is not.
Do not use "special effects" on your photos.
Do not submit photos where you are so far away in the photo they need a magnifying glass to see you.

I would like professional photos, but I do not have any yet. Where should I start?
A great place to start in finding a good photographer is to look at our list of Recommended Photographers and good photogrphers in your cities. Alternatively, you can use a search engine like Google, use your local yellow pages, or ask a fellow performer if they can recommend anyone they have used. A reputable photographer will always be happy to show you some of their previous work. Make sure they can show you some good examples of what you are looking for, or something similar. Always ask for a list of charges up front so you know how much it will end up costing you. If you want to get your personal profile up immediately, you can always put a non-professional photograph up for now, and then replace it at any time when you have the professional ones taken.

Can I upload audio & video clips?
Premier members may upload video clips. Video clips can be up to 3megs.

How often should I update my information? Does it cost money to change pictures and information?
The frequency with which you update your listing is entirely up to you. Many members make sure they get a new photograph online the moment they change their hairstyle. Most members will want a new job that they recently got displayed on their resume as soon as possible. We highly recommend that parents of children on the site provide up-to-date pictures as their children grow and change, lose or get new teeth, change hairstyles, etc.
There is never any cost to update your information and pictures whenever they change. It is up to you, as a performer, to keep your information and pictures regularly updated, and it can be done so very easily by using your Username and Password. For those performers who have printed resumes and portfolios, it is obvious to see the cost benefits compared to needing many new photograph prints and resume printouts every time there is a change or addition. Model & Talent Global Network completely eliminates the expense and time of constantly re-printing and re-mailing your portfolio to Casting Directors and Agents.

Who will have access to my profile page?
Everyone will have access to your profile page. It is our intention to promote you and your career to as many people as possible. However, does not give out any personal contact information to casting personnel or anyone else. It is important that you always keep your details up-to-date and current with us (including e-mail address, phone, fax, and addresses) so that you can be contacted quickly and ensure that you are able to get back to the casting personnel promptly. Casting Directors will contact you directly by e-mail or through the built-in instant messaging system or e-mail in our site.

Do I need previous experience to join
Previous acting or performing experience is not necessary to join Not all roles in productions require previous experience. Casting Directors and Agents love the opportunity to find dependable new talent. Many production companies will not require that you have had any previous experience for a particular role - they may be just looking for the right face for the right part. Of course, we recommend that you consider training in your chosen field if you want to pursue a particular path in the industry.
In addition to acting roles, however, many Casting Directors hire extras for movies and television production. Unlike acting roles, often non-actors can easily land roles as extras. In fact, many Casting Directors prefer to find non-aspiring actors for roles as extras. A large number of our members have no acting experience and do not aspire to be professional actors - they simply want to get work as an extra so that they can make good money while working at a fun job and rubbing elbows with the stars. So whether you are an aspiring actor who still needs experience or someone who just wants to make money as an extra, is a great place to jumpstart your career in entertainment.

I am a professional performer with an agent. Why should I consider becoming a member of
Aside from being a great resource for the industry in general, all casting professionals are given the opportunity to narrow their search to specific criteria. This allows a performer with higher skills to be cast for more suitable jobs and projects. You can constantly keep your photos and details fully up-to-date without being charged any alteration fees. could also save you quite a lot of the money you may be currently be spending on the cost of printing and mailing of portfolios and resumes. gives you speed and convenience when getting your info to a potential employer and instant Internet delivery to them via e-mail.

Can I use and have an online profile page if I do not own a computer?
You do not need your own computer to reap the enormous benefits of being a part of You can go to a local internet cafe, Mail Boxes Etc., library, school, or friend’s house to use a computer. It is recommended, however, that you have regular access to e-mail. Once your profile has been posted you may be contacted at any time by a Casting Director or Agent. Often these contacts are very time sensitive, and require quick responses.

If I do not have an Agent can I register with
Yes, everybody can register with is the only online modeling community in Africa that lets freelance performers promote themselves effectively. You do not have to be currently represented by an Agent to be listed in our talent database. For those who do not have an agent, our service is one of the best ways to get work and possibly be discovered. For those who already have an Agent, it is another cost-effective way to get even more exposure and more work.

What types of people are using
Basically, just about any and every type of performer is represented among the extensive membership of If someone does a job for which a Casting Director or Agent could recruit for - be it for anything from an extra to a lead role - then is the place for them to get the exposure they need to land more frequent and more important roles. Some examples of the wide variety of types of performers included among our current membership are Actors, Models, Extras, Child Performers, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Clothing designers, Advertisers, Body Parts Models, Scout Professionals, Actors, Hosts and Variety Artists, Impersonators/Look-a-Likes, Voice-Over Artists, Promotional Personnel and more!
If you are not sure if you have that stereotypical actor, model or star "look", remember that productions call for a wide variety of talent and looks, and we need to be able to supply our Casting Directors and Agents with that variety. So we need males and females of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities.

What if I already have an agent?
That is great; will just provide more opportunities for you to get work in the industry.

When someone wants me to audition for a project or is possibly interested in hiring me, how will I be contacted?
Beneath the large picture on your profile page is a link that says "Click Here to Contact Me". Casting Directors and Agents can use this to contact you using our private instant message system.

How do I make the most of my personal profile page and membership? is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and allowing user-friendly access to both you and casting personnel, at literally any time. To maximize the use of your personal profile, we recommend you actively take the time to further market yourself to the people in the industry who are casting the sorts of projects you would like to audition for. allows you to easily e-mail your personal profile to a wide array of casting companies, production companies, photographers, promotional companies, agencies, and other places that are looking for any kind of talent.

Do you guarantee work?
In this industry, although no one can guarantee you work, our first and most important priority is for our talent to work as often as possible. To this end, we have developed a very sophisticated, yet user-friendly talent database that attracts the use of many Agents and Casting Directors. We also provide you with extensive, up-to-the-minute information on casting calls to keep you aware on a daily basis of jobs available in the entertainment and modeling industries both locally and internally.

Can I change my User Name and Password?
Yes, you may change your username and password at any time by logging into your account. When you change your information, make sure to remember what you changed it to, or write it down some place safe.

What if I forget my user name or password?
You can have your login information e-mailed to you by going to "Login" and clicking on the "Forgot User Name or Password" link.

Whom do I contact if I have any questions or problems?
Use our Contact form.

How long am I able to keep my profile on the talent database?
You may continue to keep a profile with us as long as you wish to be considered for work.

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